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Learn about electronic signatures with KeepSolid Sign

Easy, time-saving, and secure eSignature Software

What is electronic signature software

If something is electronic, it is digital, right? Well, not really, not always.

In case with signatures, there is a drastic distinction between the terms, entailing different implementation and legal ramifications. Electronic signatures (e-signatures) are basically equivalent to paper-and-ink signatures but digitized. Digital signatures, on the other hand, involve a trusted third party, certificate authority (CA), that practically plays a role of an online notary. CAs issue digital certificates that verify signer's identity and through a cryptographic operation bind them to the data being signed.

Now that that is clear, let’s see what today’s app market offers those who need to electronically sign documents online.

What electronic signature software is there?

Electronic signature software covers a whole range of consumer’s needs. Smaller businesses with few employees, that only occasionally deal with the necessity of signing anything, might be looking for something simpler and at lesser cost. Bigger businesses, on the other hand, might want more advanced electronic signature applications that’d allow for intensive and effective document flow. Such solutions can have elements of team and document management that aim to simplify document exchange across a bigger team.

KeepSolid Sign is a full-fledged cloud-based electronic signature app with an extensive list of features. Aside from basic e-signing, it allows you to create templates, offers heavily-encrypted archive that keeps your documents accessible at a moment’s notice, and multi-platform availability and synchronization. Its cloud environment allows a team to collaborate on a document from anywhere across the globe. It also supports workflow customization by letting a sender specify in which order signers must e-sign a document. Documents initialized by you can be easily tracked, and those waiting for your signature notify you of that.

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As you can see, electronic signatures are just as reliable as usual ones, and are much more convenient than those. So what are you waiting for? Download KeepSolid Sign, get a 14-day free trial, and see how dramatically your paperwork improves!

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