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Learn about electronic signatures with KeepSolid Sign

Easy, time-saving, and secure eSignature Software

What is an electronic signature?

Ever found yourself in a need to sign a document and with no means to do so? Maybe you were travelling by plane or train (or merely sitting in a traffic jam) and had to wait till you reach your destination to get to contract. Or you were enjoying an outdoor vacation and had no fax or printer for miles around. Either way, you’d be stuck with a potentially important and urgent contract. This is where electronic signature apps come in.

Electronic signature software such as KeepSolid Sign allows you to sign PDFs and other types of digital documents. You only have to create an electronic signature within the app and then sign documents online.

eSign solutions will greatly benefit any kind of company, from a small startup ordering their first delivery of raw materials to a large corporation set to work with hundreds of partners on a daily basis. There are little to no areas of business that doesn’t have to work with numerous documents nowadays, so anyone will find their use for an eSignature service.

With KeepSolid Sign you can:

  • Review and add signature to PDF documents with your favorite device wherever you are, even on-the-go
  • Collaborate with your team and partners in a swift and convenient-for-all manner
  • Get rid of print-and-scan routine, speeding up the signature process
  • Securely store and synchronize all your contracts between your devices
  • Work with documents even while away from an internet connection with the Offline Mode feature
  • Digitize your document workflow, becoming more environmentally friendly

In a fast-paced modern world, it is crucial to be able to identify the time consuming activities and find ways to optimize them. And seeing how sometimes paperwork can make up to half of the workload for some departments, it is obviously the issue worth addressing.

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Download KeepSolid Sign and get a 14-day free trial to see how it enhances your workflow and frees up your time for more important tasks!

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