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Working with official documents and contracts? Then security of information these docs contain should be a top priority. With KeepSolid Sign, you can rest assured all the information you keep in the app or share with your colleagues and partners is totally safe. We have applied our vast knowledge and experience in security matters to provide you with an eSignature solution that offers safety and privacy for your sensitive data, and peace of mind for you.

Key Security Features of KeepSolid Sign

Peer-to-peer architecture

Thanks to this feature, KeepSolid provides a breach and leakage resistance. All the data stored and transmitted within our app is encrypted with strong protocols, and can only be decrypted by an authorized addressee’s device. Thus, no third party will be able to interpret your files even if they somehow fall into the wrong hands.

Data distribution technique

Now it is possible to protect your documents in a hostile communication environment. Why? Because of the data distribution technique we use. We never store all of the encrypted user data in one place. It is sliced up and distributed over several of our servers. This, effectively, means that in order to lay hold on user’s encrypted data, an adversary would have to breach all of our servers at once.

Multilevel protection

KeepSolid Sign uses a PGP encryption, meaning your data is safe not only while on our servers but during transmission as well. When KeepSolid Sign sends your data to another user, it is encrypted by a special AES encryption key. And then the key itself also gets encrypted, this time with an RSA protocol. We believe there’s no such thing as overexerting when our clients’ security is at stake.

Secure data channels

The last but not the least feature is that we use only https-secured channels and our validated servers to transmit your data. Therefore, our eSignature solution protects your sensitive information from man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks.

Entrusting your documents to KeepSolid Sign, you can be sure your sensitive information will never fall into the wrong hands. It’s your right to be in full control of who to share your documents with. Download the app, and get your chance to benefit from the unmatched security that our service provides!