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Working in the Sales industry, you are most probably no stranger to working with loads of legal documents. All your invoices, purchase orders, contracts, project deliverable acceptances, etc. Usually, you have to prepare them, review yourself or send to signees, fill them - all must be done swiftly, thoroughly, and many times a day. Feels like quite a chore, doesn’t it? Fortunately, KeepSolid Sign can help you reduce the amount of paperwork dramatically.

With our eSignature solution you are finally able to digitize all of your documents work. No more outdated print-sign-scan-send routine, no more stacks of paper all around your desk, no more missing invoices. Also, KeepSolid Sign features a convenient document state tracking system and smart notifications that will always keep you updated on the current status of your contracts. Now, you can finally stop double-checking whether all of your agreements have been signed by everyone, and can instead focus on more important (and interesting) matters.

Among other benefits of this service are cross-device synchronization and offline mode. They are perfect for situations where you have some free time to spend on reviewing a certain agreement, but you are either away from your computer or have a weak internet connection. Thanks to the sync feature, the documents are available throughout all your devices with KeepSolid Sign installed. As for the offline mode, it allows you to review and edit your documents even in places with no internet access whatsoever.

Additionally, getting rid of paper and printer use means becoming more environmentally friendly, with reduced energy consumption and process time. Which, in turn, makes your company more appealing for socially responsible customers.

Going paperless is a win-win scenario, so let’s perform this conversion together. Download KeepSolid Sign, get a free 14-day trial, and see how we get you to the peak of efficiency!