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Adding the same annotation boxes to one and the same document, which you send to your clients or partners day in day out can be a real hassle. To make work with your documents more effective and convenient, KeepSolid Sign provides the Templates feature. Document templates minimize those recurring moves and speed up the whole e-sign process. This guide will walk you through the few simple steps on how to create and use your templates.

Create templates in the macOS version of KeepSolid Sign

You can create a template in two ways – from the Documents or Templates tab of KeepSolid Sign. We’ll have both of them covered below.

Method 1: Create templates on the Documents tab

Step #1. First of all, you need to edit your document by adding all the necessary annotations (boxes for text, initials, signatures, dates or checkmarks).

Step #2. When all required annotations are in place, go back to the Documents tab, right-click on the relevant document, and choose Create Template in the menu.

Creating document template in KeepSolid Sign app on macOS

That’s it! The relevant template has appeared on the Templates tab, named the same as the document used for this template creation.

Doc templates created and added on Templates tab

Method 2: Create document templates on the Templates tab

Step #1. Proceed to the Templates tab and click Add template at the top right.

Creating doc templates via Templates tab of KeepSolid Sign on macOS

Step #2. Choose the document you wish to use as a template and click Add.

Note: The document you select for the template creation should already contain the necessary annotations.

KeepSolid Sign: Choosing document to created doc template from on macOS

That’s it! Your template has been created and added to the Templates tab.

KeepSolid Sign: contract document template added to the templates tab on mac

Use document templates

Put the finishing touches to your template to turn it into the document ready to be sent to your colleagues, clients, or partners. For that, do the following:

Step #1. Open the required template and click Use at the top right:

Step #2. The copy of the template will be added to the Documents tab. Open the document, appoint signers, add extra annotations if required, and when it is good to go, send for signing!