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Drag-and-drop in iOS Split View mode is a great possibility to speed up the process of adding your documents to KeepSolid Sign app, and with this – the overall management of your electronic document flow. One motion of your finger and the necessary PDF document is transferred from your Files right to KeepSolid Sign app, in a second.

What’s more, you can transfer documents to KeepSolid Sign directly from your mailbox. Just tap the necessary PDF attachment in your email and drag and drop it to KeepSolid Sign app. That’s it, your contracts, agreements etc. are instantly added to the Documents tab of our esignature solution. No extra actions required.

Here are the few simple steps required: open your Files (or Mail app) and KeepSolid Sign in a Split view > drag the needed file and drop it to the Documents tab.

Use split view in ios with KeepSolid Sign to drag&drop documents

Note: Drag-and-drop in Split View allows to import documents to KeepSolid Sign from native Apple apps only (e.g., Files, Mail). Export of documents from KeepSolid Sign by drag-and-drop is not supported.

That’s it! Adding documents to KeepSolid Sign in Split View mode is super-fast and extremely convenient. Try it out!