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What is a public annotation in KeepSolid Sign on iOS

You are adding an annotation, but do not know yet who is to fill in the particular field of your document and who this annotation should be assigned to? KeepSolid Sign has a solution for such cases – creating a public annotation. Unlike an ordinary one, this kind of annotation does not require you to necessarily appoint a particular signer before sending the document. Let’s figure out how to create public annotations.

Create public annotations in eSignature software by KeepSolid on iOS

The process of adding a public annotation does not largely differ from creating a one with a specific assignee. First, open your document and press the Annotation button.

Annotation button on iOS version of KeepSolid Sign

Choose the required type of annotation, like a text, a date, a signature, initials or a checkmark. On the Select Signer screen, tap Public Annotation.

Annotations tab of iOS version of KeepSolid Sign Creating public annotation on iOS version of KeepSolid Sign

As a finishing touch move the annotation box that will appear to the required place on your document.

Public annotation added to document

That’s it! Anybody can complete the annotation you’ve just created.