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Annotation feature of KeepSolid Sign app will let you add to your document a signature, initials, a date, a checkmark, or even a text. Let’s figure out how you can add and manage annotations in iOS version of the app.

Adding an annotation

Open the required document and press the Annotation button.

Choose the annotation type you want to add, and the participant it is intended for.

Then, just move the appeared annotation box to the required place.

Appointing another signer

In some cases, you may need to change a person assigned to a particular annotation. You can easily do it with KeepSolid Sign. Just select the appropriate annotation and press Appoint another signer.

Then, simply choose the desired signer and confirm your choice.

Adjusting font

KeepSolid Sign app allows to edit Date and Text annotations. You can change font size and weight, making it bigger or smaller, bold or italic respectively. For that, just choose the appropriate annotation, tap Font, and make necessary adjustments.

When you’ve finished with adding and/or adjusting annotations and ready to share your document, tap Send at the top right. Now, your colleagues can start signing and observing the document.