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If you regularly work with the same set of documents, it is good idea to automate the e-sign process by creating document templates. The Templates feature of KeepSolid Sign helps to minimize the recurring moves of adding the same annotation boxes to a document over and over again before sending it to a new signer. This guide will walk you through the few simple steps on how to create and use your templates.

Creating templates in the Android version of KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign provides two ways for creating a document template. We’ll cover both of them below.

Method 1: Creating a template on the Documents tab

Step #1. First, create a document and add the required annotations (these include text, dates, initials, signatures, and checkmarks).

Step #2. Long press the document you need and tap on the menu that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

KeepSolid Sign: Creating document template on Android, opening document menu

Step #3. Choose Add to templates option.

KeepSolid Sign on Android: Add to templates in doc menu

Note: In case you logged out of the app and did not open the document after log in, you may be asked to download its content. Click OK to proceed with the template creation.

KeepSolid Sign on Android: download the document content before creating a template

That’s it! The relevant document template has been added to the Templates tab of KeepSolid Sign app. The template is named the same as the document it was created from.

KeepSolid Sign on Android: a document template is added to the templates tab

Method 2: Creating a template on the Templates tab

Step #1. Go to the Templates tab and tap in the bottom right corner.

KeepSolid Sign: Templates tab on Android

Step #2. Choose Add templates option in the menu.

KeepSolid Sign: Adding doc templates on Android

Step #3. Select the document you wish to turn into a template and tap in the toolbar.

KeepSolid Sign: adding a doc template via Templates tab on Android

Done! The relevant document template has been successfully created.

Using document templates

Your document template lacks just a few finishing touches before you can send it to your clients, colleagues or partners.

Step #1. Open the required template and tap in the bottom right corner.

KeepSolid Sign: use doc templates on Android

Step #2. When notified about the new document creation tap OK. The copy of the document template will be added to the Documents tab.

KeepSolid Sign on Android: confirm new document creation

Step #3. Tap Next to open and start editing your document template.

KeepSolid Sign: open doc template to edit it and send for signing