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What is the public annotation feature of KeepSolid Sign on Android

KeepSolid Sign annotations let you add special boxes to your documents for signatures, initials, text, checkmarks, dates, and appoint signers to fill in those boxes. But what if you are not sure yet who is to fill in a particular field? A public annotation is the solution in this case. Such an annotation can be completed by any signer you are sending the document to. The below guide will walk you through a few easy steps on how to add public annotations.

Add public annotations to your documents on Android device

The process is quite similar to creating an annotation with a signer. First of all, open your document and press the Annotation button.

Annotation button of KeepSolid Sign app on Android

Select the type of annotation you need and press Public Annotation on the Select Signer screen.

Select annotation type in KeepSolid Sign Create public annotation in KeepSolid Sign

Move the annotation box to the necessary place in your document.

Public annotation added on Android version of KeepSolid Sign

That’s it! A public annotation is successfully created.