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Managers in IT and Technology industries occasionally have to deal with all sorts of legal documents. NDA’s, claims, customer and employee contracts, service level and partnership agreements, and so forth. Sure, none of these types come up too frequently in itself, but due to their wide array signing them all can jointly become quite a burden. That is, at least, if you don’t have the right tool to handle this task - KeepSolid Sign!

With this well-developed eSignature solution, you can easily import, edit, sign, or send for signing any PDF documents. No more print-and-scan routine! As a manager, you are also likely to appreciate the advantages that our team subscription plans offer. Not only are they obviously cheaper than buying the same amount of personal subscriptions. They also provide every user in your team with their own workspace to conveniently store and manage their documents. What’s more, the owner of a subscription can freely administer it with options like adding or removing users within a team or assigning their roles.

Our lives and work become faster and more active, which is definitely a great development comparing to an old-school 9-5 office schedule. However, this also sometimes makes it impossible to stay by the same device for long enough to review the whole contract. Well, we’ve got you covered! With our synchronization feature, your documents are simultaneously available on all of your devices.

Now, you can receive a document to your work PC, review it on your iPhone on-the-go, and sign it home on your MacBook. What’s more, our offline mode allows you to perform all of the aforementioned even without internet connection.

Technology and IT companies are ought to be at the cutting edge of progress to succeed, and eSign solution is one of its manifestations. Time is money, so don’t waste it - download KeepSolid Sign now and get a 14-day free trial to see how it benefits your business!