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Healthcare as an industry is unique in many ways, one of which is it being highly standardized and regulated in legal aspects. Depending on the exact field that you’re working in, you usually have a specific set of legal papers that must be filled and signed on different occasions. Medical forms, NDAs, BAs, consulting billing, you name it. In other words, you have a pile of nearly identical documents to be filled with minor changes by every client.

Luckily, KeepSolid Sign is here to aid you! Our eSignature solution allows to edit and fill PDF documents right on your device, without the need to print them and sign physically. This solves all sorts of problems. First of all, our app features a handy template system to streamline and speed up your work with standardized documents. This allows to decrease the downtime and optimize your work process.

Secondly, now your paperwork can be conveniently organized and stored within one place, which means you’ll never lose or spoil an important paper-contract again. Also, having your papers arranged in such a way can be priceless when working with recurring patients to keep track of their purchase or clinical history. Furthermore, our offline mode ensures that all of your documents are available to you even without internet connection.

Lastly, KeepSolid Sign supports numerous popular platforms, namely iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows, along with a web version. This means that no matter what device your clients own, they’ll be able to receive, review, and sign your documents. But what if they don’t have their gadget with them and you still need their signature, like a patient agreement if you work in ER? Nothing is more simple - just hand them your device with a document opened, and they’ll be able to sign it in seconds.

Spend less time dawdling through papers and get more time on actually caring about health with KeepSolid Sign. Download it now to get a 14-day free trial!