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The technology that will improve your workflow

According to the research, around 80% of consumers feel comfortable signing documents online. In our world where technology has become a must-have to efficiently manage any business, this number is likely to further increase. Respondents pointed out a lot of benefits they experience while using the e-sign technology. The most popular highlights include:

  • Rapid document approval
  • More time to focus on other tasks
  • Minimum in-person meetings
  • Chops in spending
  • No more fuss with physical copies

Accelerate your secure digital transformation

We offer you a perfect solution to make another step to digitize your life and become more productive in your day-to-day routine. KeepSolid Sign is a top-notch electronic signature software that features all the above mentioned advantages and way more.

With KeepSolid Sign, you can:

  • Instantly synchronize your documents across all your devices, even if they are opened
  • Easily manage the access level of each user
  • Get notifications on any changes that were made to your documents by other signers
  • Protect your sensitive data with the high-grade AES-256 algorithm

Import documents from clouds, and synchronize them across all your devices. Now you can complete the signing in minutes. We use a high-level encryption to make your sensitive data inaccessible to any unauthorized parties.