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An always-available and responsive app

When it comes to users’ preferences regarding features of e-signing tools, offline capabilities are among the leaders. If you find yourself somewhere out in the wild without the internet connection, it does not mean you have to stop your business. KeepSolid Sign offers you a lot of opportunities to smoothly continue your work, even in the offline mode.

Get a compelling user experience

Now you have unlimited access to all your documents and able to manage them without wasting your precious time. Our e-sign solution allows you to edit the content of the document according to your legal adviser comments. In case you have an insight regarding some strategic steps, you can make notes in the document to later share it with colleagues or partners.

More options that you can try out in the offline mode

  • Import documents from your device
  • Create a digital signature and save for further use
  • Add any annotations, such as signature, initials, date, notes - text, or checkmarks
  • Invite other participants and assign relevant access level
  • Choose the type of protection
  • Make a template from an existing document
  • Archive your documents

The offline mode from KeepSolid Sign allows you to keep your business up and running. Work with your documents and contracts with low or no internet connection. Start your 14-day FREE trial today!