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A smart step to digitize your life

Our world becomes more digital each day, offering us a lot of beneficial solutions that greatly save our time and improve the overall workflow. E-sign technology is another major step towards being effective and productive even under agile conditions. It allows you to remotely sign any kind of document with just a finger, being free from paper chase, and minimizing possible misunderstandings and errors.

Revolutionary approach to signing process

It is the perfect tool that will meet all your needs regarding digital signing process. Simply import necessary documents in PDF from your device or cloud, insert your signature, and share them with other participants.

No more hassle with printing a document out, signing it, scanning, and sending to other signers. With KeepSolid Sign, you are able to work more efficiently than ever before. It is a very handy, convenient, and easy-to-use tool that has a great number of useful features to accurately manage the whole signing process.

Still rely on a fragile paper? Make your life much easier and safer with KeepSolid Sign. The app allows you to sign and send any documents in a timely manner. It is the right time to say goodbye to a print-and-scan practice.