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A time-saving technology to your team’s advantage

Working hard to finish some weighty project in your organization? Most likely, you will need a couple of signatures from business owners and C-level executives to mark it “Complete.” Are you sure you will get the signed document in the shortest possible time? Usually, papers take ages to come back, causing stress to you and your team as no one has postponed the deadlines.

Enjoy a paperless office scenario

We offer you a paperless office scenario. KeepSolid Sign is a perfect solution to reduce time, costs, and possible risk factors. The app frees you from boundaries. Whether you are on a business trip or have a remote office, you still can accurately and timely manage any process that requires your signature. There is no need to put on hold a deal or signing a contract with new employees anymore. With our service, you are able to keep the work moving, no matter where you are located.

Be available to your team anytime and anywhere with KeepSolid Sign. The app will help you to raise your reputation on the market, and take your business to the next level. This is possible with just a few simple steps. Import. Sign. Share. That’s it!