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Our Electronic Signature Features

Learn how to use electronic signature technology to its full potential!

Create electronic signature

Need a perfectly legal e-Signature? KeepSolid Sign provides a convenient editor tool where you can do a quick draft in a matter of seconds or carefully draw and edit, defining what does your electronic signature look like. Alternatively, you can import it as an illustration from online and your device’s storages, or even take a picture of your handwritten signature with a camera.

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Sign and collect signatures

Among the greatest benefits of the best electronic signature solutions is how much they streamline the paperwork. In mere minutes, you can import the needed document, sign it yourself and/or appoint other signees, add fields for other important data such as texts or dates, and send it out.


Make document templates

Spare yourself a repetitive job of importing and editing the same typical agreement or form over and over again. Simply create a template of any such document once and then use it as and when necessary. You can even predefine the annotation fields so you won’t even have to open the doc itself, instead sending it right away.

Get status notifications

Getting timely updates on the status of your deals can sometimes mean the difference between their approval and termination. KeepSolid Sign offers you real-time in-app and email document status notifications, so you will always know when a long-awaited contract has been signed, or if there is an agreement waiting for your e-Signature.


Cross-platform app

With our software for signature making, you will never be confined to a particular work device. KeepSolid Sign is available on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and web browsers. Moreover, all your documents are automatically synchronized between all your devices with the app installed, so you can upload a form on your home PC, review it on your smartphone, and sign it on your work tablet.

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Work in offline mode

Even in our age of high technology, it’s still not that uncommon to find ourselves away from internet coverage once in a while. Here is how electronic signature works around this. Our electronic signature solution features offline mode, where you can perform most of the common e-Signing activities, including accessing documents, filling them, and preparing to send them to other participants.


Collaborate and manage teams

Business is all about cooperation and teamwork. KeepSolid Sign goes the full distance to facilitate these important aspects of success. Add signees or designate observers from within your company, collaborate with remote workers wherever they are, or invite your partners and clients to sign important agreements. But there’s more! Not only can you invite people to your documents, but you can also create whole teams within the app and manage them as you see fit. Whatever it takes to facilitate timely and secure teamwork and collaboration!


Benefits of our digital signature service

Available on all popular platforms
For signers it’s always free + no registration required
No limits to the amount of documents or their length
Full-version 14 day FREE trial

Other advantages of implementing electronic signatures with KeepSolid Sign

Signing order

Set a specific order for signers if necessary


Send notifications to slacking signees of pending documents

Audit trail

Get documentary evidence of activities and versions of your document

In-person signing

Hand over your device to signees to get their signatures right off the bat

High-grade security

All data in our app is protected with SSL and AES-256 encryption

Participant roles

Assign specific roles for participants according to your needs

Adjustable workflow

Organize your work process as you see fit

Annotation types

Add fields for signature, initials, text, date, or checkmark to your docs

Auxiliary messages

Add comments and clarifications to documents for other participants

Print and export

Save contracts or send them for printing right from the app

Convenient authentication

Access our service on-the-go using Touch ID, Passcode, etc.

24/7 Support

All your questions and issues will be resolved swiftly and professionally

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