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What Are HR Activities in a Company And Which Modern HR Tools Work Best?

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Proper Human Resource management means the difference between success and fiasco. For an employer, HR is a tool to ensure that the company has the proper executors for its tasks, and that they are motivated and well-organized. For an employee, the HR department is literally alpha and omega – the point of their first contact with the organization, and the last instance they’ll interact with when leaving.

It seems that most businesses acknowledge the importance of HR processes in a company. But how to properly organize them? This takes a clear understanding of several components:

  1. What are HR activities in a company?
  2. What types of modern HR tools to use?
  3. What goes into setting up HR processes?

In this piece, we’ll answer these questions to help you build a better understanding of HR systems in an organization and how to manage them. Take it away!

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What are HR activities in a company?

An HR specialist holds a unique place in a company. He or she can cut business costs while keeping the staff happy, prevent or put out conflicts, piece together c-suites’ goals and workers’ needs. This department is both a buffer and a conduit between an employer and an employee. Its functions represent this.

1. Finding the right people for the job

The first, the foremost, and the most obvious. For a company to even start operating, it needs workers, which in turn means that by then it already should have established HR processes. The success of this HR activity in a company is measured by the number of filled positions and by how long it takes. Recruiters’ tasks include:

  • Job posting and advertising
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening applicants
  • Conducting preliminary interviews
  • Coordinating hiring efforts with managers

2. Maintaining a safe work environment

Employers are obliged to create a safe workplace for employees. This task, too, falls on the shoulders of HR department. From safety trainings to workplace injury reporting, HR specialists ensure that employees don’t have to worry about their own safety. Companies obviously benefit from this aspect of HR management activity too, free of the hassle of reconciling safety-related issues.

HR department is simultaneously a buffer and a conduit between an employer and an employee. Click To Tweet

3. Managing employer and worker relations

This activity consists of two disciplines:

  • Employee relations, targeted at strengthening the employer-employee relations
  • Labor relations, i.e. working with union campaigns and contracts, or negotiating collective agreements

4. Setting up benefits and compensation

Competitive pay practices, compensation structures, negotiations with insurers, retirement saving activities – these and others are also all functions of HR. However, it doesn’t necessarily include direct payroll management. This task is oftentimes delegated to outsourced specialists.

5. Complying with labor laws

One of the vital HR activities in a company, labor and employment laws compliance includes:

  • Fair employment practices
  • Safe working conditions
  • General decency of the work
  • Any other clauses indicated in state or federal laws

6. Staff training and development

Sometimes, a new hire needs orientation training to smoothen their transition. Or, some sort of professional development might be in order to help an employee adopt a new piece of technology or an innovative technique. HR departments develop programs for such events, promote and moderate them.

What types of modern HR tools to use?

The amount and variety of HR activities might seem overwhelming to some. It vividly demonstrates the need for proper HRM (Human Resource Management) tools. So, let’s take a quick look at the types of HR tools and try to find the best HR software for different needs of your company.

Recruiting software

Bread and butter of any HR department, these tools are surprisingly diverse. Some, like KeepSolid Sign, serve very specific purposes; in this case – collecting employees’ signatures for contracts, NDAs, and the like. Other possible applications of recruiting software include:

  • Candidate screening (
  • Video interviewing (Spark Hire)
  • Applicant tracking (Workable)

Group Of Corporate Recruitment Officers Shaking Hand With Candidate Arrived For Interview - Using Recruitment Human Resources Software

Performance solutions

It’s one thing to employ a person. It’s another when you have to apply double the efforts to make sure they live up to your trust. Setting and tracking goals, objectives, and KPIs helps both the employers and the workers. The former can be sure that they get the results they’re paying for; the latter can clearly understand what’s expected of them, not to mention the positive effect of constructive feedback. Tools like ADP human resource information system works nice for this, offering customizable performance reviewing modules.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

These are used to input, store, and track information. A LOT of information, as you may guess. So an HRMS should allow to organize this data in a comprehensive and efficient way. And it has to be flexible – after all, it will store everything from staff profiles to in-depth audit reports. We would suggest tools like Paychex or Workday, as they can act as both the central platform and the module for integration.

HR software for payroll, benefits management, and employee engagement

We’re grouping these tools so tightly because they are all highly interrelated, serve somewhat similar end goals, and a lot of them can do all three things at once. The software list goes as follows:

  • Process payrolls with Intuit or Gusto
  • Administer benefits with Namely
  • Manage employee engagement with YouEarnedIt or TINYpulse

Perfect human resources software for payroll management, or how to satisfy workers waiting to get money and pay day

Setting up HR processes with the best human resources software

Staying ahead of the curve takes incorporating innovations, whatever the area. For a business to thrive, it should find ways to automate tasks and optimize their fulfillment. At the same time, such a solution should be intuitive and comprehensive. That’s what makes modern HR tools so handy, and that’s why we suggest you give them a try. These are the drivers that will carry your organization into the future.

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  1. Human resource is the most vital factor of production for any organization. Therefore one of your top priorities should be to look after your people, the most precious resource to your business.

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  2. Great breakdown of important activities for HR departments and the highlighted software providers really help make these tasks more efficient in the long run. You mentioned that a lot of HR teams are also responsible for safety training, staff training, and development which can really add up. For that reason, I’ve seen more and more HR departments turn to employee training software that integrates with other HR software to help streamline and manage the training process. I’ve found it’s really useful when it comes to getting training out to employees and tracking who has completed mandatory training. I highly recommend HR teams to consider adding it to their software wish list!

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