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Online HR Solutions: How Can HR Managers Use an E-Signature Solution

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Being an HR manager means meeting a huge number of candidates, striving to hire the perfect ones, and knowing all the employees by name and face. I am a fast learner… I am truly passionate about what I do… My biggest strength is my creativity… – If you are an HR manager, you have definitely heard these answers to your interview questions at least once. Multiply that by the number of candidates you interview every day, you get yourself quite an amount of paperwork.

Did you know that every corporate position attracts an average of 250 applicants? Can you imagine the amount of paperwork it takes? In order to onboard only one candidate of those 250, you have to process numerous resumes, offers, NDAs, and handbooks. And this paper nightmare can hinder your work a lot. In this case, HR departments should implement some new top-notch digital tools for business, like an e-Signature solution. What is it? How can you use it? Today our team answers all these questions, using KeepSolid Sign as an example.

Giphy. Every corporate job opening attracts an average of 250 resumes


What is electronic signature solution?

In a nutshell, it is a data in the electronic form that is used by a signatory to sign documents electronically. E-Signature is a top-notch technology that releases companies from the print-sign-scan routine and helps businesses to go paperless. Thanks to electronic signature solutions, HR managers can onboard new employees in a few minutes and effectively organize their workflow. KeepSolid Sign is an e-signature with an advanced level of security and a great bunch of helpful features.

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How can HR departments use electronic signature solution?

HR professionals can use e-Signature software for the following aims:

  • Signing documents. In addition to the aforementioned contracts, here goes vacation approvals, PTO forms, and employee leave checklists. Using KeepSolid Sign, you can manage all these documents right in one app. Just go to the Documents tab -> add a needed contract from your favorite storage -> annotate employee or candidate -> click the Send button.
  • Onboarding employees. With our human resources solution, you can onboard new employees as quickly as possible. In order to sign your offer, candidates don’t even need to register in KeepSolid Sign. You can annotate them in your offer by entering their email address and they will receive an email letter with a link to your contract. Following this link, your applicant can sign it in a few minutes.

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  • Protecting documents. Thanks to highly secure AES-256 and PGP encryption, all your documents are protected from cyber criminals. Now you can keep your contracts in one human resources app within a secure document archive and be sure that no third-party will be able to decode your contracts.


    That’s all for today! We hope that our article will help you to start using e-Signature solutions and improve your productivity. KeepSolid Sign is your perfect choice if you’d like to get rid of paper workflow and focus on recruiting and onboarding applicants. Try KeepSolid Sign now and check for yourself!

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