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E-Signatures – a Helping Hand in Managing Construction Paperwork

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The construction industry is constantly evolving, reshaped by modern technologies and software. A bright example of such advancements is drone usage for topographic mapping, tracking building process, security surveillance, and much more. The augmented reality implementation is also looming on the horizon. Digitization and the usage of the right technologies pave the way for faster, cheaper, and more efficient construction, as well as assist in a better positioning of a company on the competitive market.

According to the World Economic Forum, within 10 years, full-scale digitization could lead to savings of $0.7-1.2 trillion (13- 21%) in the Design & Engineering and Construction phases, and $0.3-0.5 trillion (10-17%) in the Operations phase. Implementing electronic signatures for managing construction paperwork is definitely a significant part of the digital shift. In this article KeepSolid Sign team presents an overview of how the construction industry can benefit from e-Signature software. Check it out!

Within 10 years, full-scale digitization could lead to savings of $0.7-1.2 trillion (13- 21%) in the Design & Engineering and Construction phases, and $0.3-0.5 trillion (10-17%) in the Operations phase. Click To Tweet

Eliminate delays and deliver construction projects on time

Construction projects require considerable capital investments. This determines the increased need for guarantees from the involved parties. Trust and verbal commitments are not enough, relationships are built on more reliable safeguards – written agreements. Each decision, any change in the project should be documented.

However, the need to get the required signatures from off-site engineers or subcontractors from another city for example, can hold back the whole project. This, in turn, can result in missed deadlines and extra expenditures.   

Using trustworthy e-Signature software like KeepSolid Sign eliminates the risk of such delays completely. Wherever the necessary person is, be it your customer, subcontractor, off-site engineer, or any other party, getting the signature you need becomes a matter of minutes. Both you and the signer can process documents on any device, in a few clicks, with no need to scan or dispatch the agreement. The result? You get timely approvals, and start off all works with no document-related setbacks.  

Process construction contracts online with KeepSolid Sign

Process construction company documents in the most efficient way

Handling all the construction paperwork is much faster if done online. Construction paperwork includes such documents:

  • proposals
  • purchase orders
  • subcontractor agreements
  • RFIs
  • lien waivers
  • and more

Just think of the time and effort you spend on printing, signing, scanning, sending a document by email, or dispatching it by a courier, waiting for the signed copy to be returned, and sometimes resending if it was filled out incorrectly by the signer or lost.

Paperless document flow is much more efficient. All you need to do is open the app, load your document, insert necessary annotations, and send the doc to the signer(s). As soon as it is filled out on the other side, you immediately receive a notification within the software. This lets you further keep the ball of your construction project rolling, with lots of time (and with it – money) saved.  

All in all, you streamline document flow, as well as increase efficiency and reduce office supply costs. That is what makes the e-Sign app a nice tool to have in your construction project management toolkit. What’s more, you can further boost productivity and make the process of managing contracts online even more convenient. How? KeepSolid Sign offers e-Signature API, which is quite easy to integrate with the software you’re already using.

Supplement your software with top-notch e-Signature API by KeepSolid

Keep all your construction industry contracts in order and completely secure

If you use electronic signature software like KeepSolid Sign, all your documents are stored in one place, and are accessible from any device. Managing not one, but a number of projects? No problem! Just create separate folders for the projects and a structure of subfolders within them if needed.

Whenever you or your customers, subcontractors, inspectors, or other parties need a document, just open the app, and all the required documentation is right at your fingertips. No rushing to the office for the document so urgently needed for a construction inspection.

With an e-Signature tool, none of your documents will ever get lost or damaged, unlike fragile paper documentation. Besides, when it comes to corporate documentation software, its security is of top importance. Highly-reliable military-grade AES-256 protocol is used to encrypt all data transferred via KeepSolid Sign.

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Bottom line on what construction industry gains from e-Signatures

Given the mentioned benefits, e-Signing software is really one of the most crucial construction industry solutions. It lets you streamline the whole process, from start to finish, increase your and your workers’ productivity, reduce the amount of time to get subcontractors under contract, and much more. Gain competitive advantage, make the step towards digital future with KeepSolid Sign!

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  1. E-signatures are the best tool to assist construction paper work digitally.Good article.Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Jane,

      Thank you so much for your comment 🤗
      We absolutely agree with you! An e-signature tool is the best solution to avoid old-fashioned print-sign-scan routine.

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