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E-Signature Software: A Solution for Education to Speed Up Paperwork

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If you’re working in the education sector, you may often find yourself overwhelmed by tedious school paperwork. This time-consuming routine probably falls on your shoulders quite regularly. Fortunately, modern technologies provide tools to simplify processes in many areas, and education is no exception. A tool such as a good e-signature app can boost productivity and save teachers, school administrations, and students time.

You can benefit greatly from implementing eSignatures. Check out this article and learn how to digitize paperwork in your educational institution.

Expedite paperwork and enhance the academic experience with KeepSolid Sign

Educational paperwork solutions help both teachers and students

Education institutions are already embracing new technologies. To make the learning process more effective, teachers employ all sorts of digital materials in classrooms. And seeing how paperwork is an important part of the interaction between a student and a school, this aspect provides an ample field for improvement.

The amount of forms and documents students need to fill in and get signed is numerous. Course enrollments, rule and time sheets, financial aid applications, change-of-course forms, class drop requests, and many more. A reliable electronic signature software like KeepSolid Sign helps to streamline this paperwork considerably.

Adding an e-sign app to a school software toolkit significantly improves the overall academic experience and saves tons of time, which can instead be devoted to the main goal - studying. Click To Tweet

To get a document signed, students no longer need to waste time hunting for a course instructor or for another school representative in between lectures. Adding an e-sign app to a school software toolkit significantly improves the overall academic experience and saves tons of time, which can instead be devoted to the main goal – studying.  

Side note: some institutions may allow students to send their documents for signing via email. What’s the advantage of e-signature solutions then? First of all, it is the unmatched security of all the information transmitted via apps like KeepSolid Sign. Secondly, all documents are stored in one place, within fast and easy reach.

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In primary schools, managing documents that require a parent’s signature, such as permission slips, is much simpler if you’re using an e-signature software. Just add necessary annotation boxes in KeepSolid Sign and press Send. When there are any changes to the document, get an immediate notification. Besides the benefit of speed, you avoid the hassle of faxing, posting, or handing over the documents to children if the parents are unable to pay a visit personally.  

How does electronic signature complement school administration software?

E-signature software paves the way to improve school administration management system as well. KeepSolid Sign comes in handy in such cases:

  • new students onboarding
  • student loan applications
  • teacher recruitment
  • and other HR processes

Besides speeding up the whole process and making it much more convenient for all parties, KeepSolid Sign helps to cut down printing and courier costs. What’s more, documents signed electronically are much easier to retrieve when required, no more time is wasted on searching for an old or lost file. Just a few clicks – and here’s your necessary document. The risk of loss is completely eliminated. Thus, electronic signature solutions kill a bunch of birds with a single rock.

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Bottom line

Electronic signature software can definitely be used as one of beneficial solutions for education. It helps to automate paperwork in schools, streamline transactions, save time, boost productivity, improve academic experience, and make documents management more organized. Download KeepSolid Sign and reap the benefits of modernizing your document flow today!

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