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Greg Dessar

Business Owner Grab

First I love is the easy fingerprint sign in that makes life private and so simple. The way I can incorporate my contacts on the phone is great. And how I can incorporate the dropbox or google drive, or icloud as well as evernote are all nice simple functions. Having it like it is not overloading the app with pointless things makes it attractive to use.

Sylvaine Boussuard-Le Cren

Lawyer, member of the Paris Bar

Once I have understood how to create my signature, it was easy to do it and the app is reliable. This product seems better than the others I have tried before.

Suzanna Kaye

Owner Spark! Organizing, LLC

The interface when setting up a new document is easier than some other platforms.

Rev. Jared C. Tucher

Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church

I like the ability to upload documents and with a click of a button, apply a signature. Makes it very easy to use and cuts down on unwanted papers.

Octavio Mejia

Senior QA Enginner Nearshore Technology

I like the design, it's neat and easy to use. Also I like the colors used in the app, even the icon (a fountain pen) is awesome. I will definitely recommend it for personal and business use.

Sign and Send Documents on Your Favorite Devices

KeepSolid Sign is there to create the best electronic signature user experience. Our comprehensive app allows you to create digital signature on macOS intuitively and safely. Download our e-signature application and activate your free 14-day trial period. Enjoy all the benefits of using electronic signatures and then decide if you want to make the change.

Wonder how you can create an electronic signature on iOS devices? It’s easy now with KeepSolid Sign. Our digital signature software is designed to make the process of e-signing as predictable, convenient, and secure for users as possible. Download our e-signature application, activate your free 14-day trial, and take advantage of using electronic signatures in your business.

Want to replace your printer, scanner, and fax with an Android device and appropriate electronic signature solution? Download KeepSolid Sign e-signature software, turn on the 14-day trial, and use the app to sign documents on Android in a secure and slick way. Declutter your workflow today: share your docs with your team in a few clicks, have them auto-sync across all your devices, keep them on impenetrable servers, etc.

Ever wondered how you can put an electronic signature when no applications can be installed on a given device? KeepSolid Sign provides you with an online electronic signature software that you can access from any device equipped with a web-browser for free with a 14-day trial. Our e-Signature app lets you sign documents that were sent for your signature as easily and securely as the standalone applications do.

Have you ever tried putting your electronic signature in Paint or some other computer graphics tools? It’s just no good. KeepSolid Sign offers you an electronic signature app for the PC. It is a comprehensive signing and docflow environment with advanced document protection and intuitive interface. If you are not sure you need electronic signature software for a PC, download KeepSolid Sign and try its benefits for free for 14 days.

Fields of Use


  • Quickly convert leads into sales with templates for your typical contracts.
  • Sign contracts electronically and prepare them for clients in the offline mode.
  • Get more agile in negotiations and amend your agreements faster.


  • Onboard new employees in a fast and convenient way for both sides.
  • Sign job offers, NDAs, vacation approvals and employee leave checklists.
  • Keep all your documents in place with a secure document archive.

Service provision

  • Prepare all the documents up front and remotely.
  • Spare your customers hurried up examination of contacts.
  • Sign your contracts in minutes with predefined templates.

Real estate

  • Sign all sorts of real estate and different listing services forms.
  • Discuss, coordinate, and finalize provisions online.
  • Sign delivery and acceptance acts electronically.

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